National AfCFTA Policy Framework for Boosting Trade with Africa

Aims at deepening Ghana's penetration into African markets and increasing trade between Ghanaian entrepreneurs and the rest of Africa.

Trade Information Repository

Aims to manage and deliver efficient trade information services leading to the improved competitiveness of Businesses in Ghana on Africa markets.

Enterprise Support

Support to Ghanaian entrepreneurs, companies and stakeholders to harness the full benefits of the AfCFTA agreement on trade in goods and services.

About the NCO

The National AfCFTA Coordination Office (NCO) was established in March 2020 under the Ministry of Trade and Industry as a central point for coordinating the Government of Ghana’s policy and strategic response to the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement.
The NCO is responsible for the day-to-day management of implementation and programme administration. It is also the liaison office between the AfCFTA Secretariat and the Ministry of Trade and other Ghanaian Stakeholders.
In line with its coordination role, the National Coordination Office is dedicated to establishing an efficient operational network of all the key institutions involved in the implementation of AfCFTA in Ghana. These include GRA-Customs Division, the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority, the Ghana Standards Authority and the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, amongst others. The NCO has also actively been engaging non-state actors including financial institutions, entrepreneurs and private sector associations

Boosting Ghana's Trade with Africa

Boosting intra-African trade is an important driver of development and regional integration. Africa’s overall trade flows within Africa is around 15% and less than 3% share of world trade. The bulk of Africa’s trade is with the outside world and its exports are mainly primary commodities. Consequently, the continent is particularly vulnerable to external macroeconomic shocks and protectionist trade policies.

Boosting intra-African trade and deepening regional market integration are a necessary response to the challenges facing Africa in the multilateral trading system and the global economy. It will reduce the over dependency of the continent on trade in primary commodities, help to accelerate industrial development in Africa, create employment for the population and generate significant resources for development internally.

The National Action Plan for Boosting Trade with Africa is multi-sectoral. The Ministry of Trade and Industry is the lead Ministry and will work closely with different MDAs and the private sector to ensure effective implementation of the various components. The component plans also clearly identify the responsible agencies for the delivery of different outputs.

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