Trade and Development Finance

The main objective of this cluster is to develop and strengthen engagement with African Financial Institutions and mechanisms in order to boost Ghana’s participation in intra-African Trade and Investment.

A major constraint on the growth of Africa’s trade, especially intra-regional trade, is the inadequacy of financing mechanisms. The continent’s financial landscape is characterized by multiplicity of inconvertible currencies, and the underdevelopment of regional institutions that can provide finance, credit and guarantee for cross?border trade.

The programmes and activities required for adequate and effective financing of intra-Africa trade includes strengthening and enhancing of existing regional and continental financial institutions, improving payment systems, and enabling environment for financial service companies to supply export credit and guarantees, as well as speed up the process of establishing functional institutions.', '

  1. To develop innovative financing mechanisms for export under AfCFTA.
  2. To facilitate cross-border payment to support Ghana’s trade with the rest of Africa.
  3. To ensure availability of finance for production tradeable goods and services(including e- commerce and Digital trade)

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