Trade Information

The objective is to bridge information gap and to enhance opportunities for intra-African Trade and Investment by providing adequate, easily accessible and timely information necessary for taking full advantage of the opportunities for intra-African trade.

Trade Information requires countries to develop enhanced activities in the area of trade information, such as inter-connected centres for trade information exchange.

The absence of market surveys and inadequate information on trade and market opportunities and customs formalities and procedures in general contribute to the high costs of doing business in the region. The provision of African trade-related information is an important area to address. Many African businesses find it easily accessible and cheaper to trade with businesses outside of the region.', '

  1. To coordinate and improve existing and potential trade information platforms to boost Ghana’s opportunities for intra-African trade.
  2. To develop a Ghana Trade Information Repository (GTIR) and interface with the African Trade Observatory (ATO).
  3. To identify, build and strengthen capacities of institutions providing trade information on AfCFTA in Ghana.

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